Akinator the Game

Akinator game – a new non-standard game for you

We all know that game industry is exists for more than 20 years, and every year developers are creating something new, something extra ordinary that will definitely surprise gamers around the world.

We also know that developers and developing studios are working in different genres (FPS, simulator, Arcade, RPG, RTS and others) because all gamers have different tastes and have their own favourite genre.

However, there is one game that is still holding its position in gamers rankings. It`s the Akinator – mini-game, which was released in 2007. We can`t say that it`s the most popular game it`s genre, but we know that there are players who are regularly visiting it to try their best.

Why this Akinator online is so popular?

The main factor that draw people`s attention is the format of the game. You are playing against Akinator – artificial intelligence that knows everything that`s going on in the world. And your main task is to make him lose.

At the beginning of the game, you ask a character. It could be your favorite movie hero, real person (actor, blogger, sportsman or politician) or a book character. Then, when the game begins, the Akinator start asking you some rhetorical questions about this character (how old he is, where he comes from, is he dead or alive, in which sphere he works etc.). Then, after the first part of the questions, genie will try to guess your character. If he is right, you start the next round. However, if he gives the wrong name, he starts the second round with the similar questions. Then goes the third round, and only after third round of questions you have chances to win the round.

If Akinator tells the wrong name of the character, he will offer you to write the name of your character in the special line and choose one of the possible variants from the database. However, if the name didn`t appear in the list, you are able to add it. Make sure that you write the name correctly, because the Akinator will use it while playing with other people.

Try to win against the Akinator free

If you think that this artificial intelligence is stupid and you will easily beat it, think again. Akinator is using right questions during the game, analyzing the previous answers and excluding all variants that are not matching with the description. You need to ask something that is not popular right now, and maybe then you will have chances to win against the Akinator.