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You are bored? You didn`t play any games for a long time and want to try something new? It`s great, because we are happy to introduce you Akinator apk new game that will completely shock you, because you will compete against the artificial intelligence. Want to know more? Continue reading this article.

A quick guide or how to play the Akinator the genie apk?

The rules of the game are simple – when you enter the main menu to start the game, you click on a button and ask a character (in mind, of course). It could be a movie hero, your favourite book or series character or a famous person that everybody knows. When you have made your choice, the Akinator apk will ask you some rhetorical questions in order to get some information about your word. In the end, if it will guess your word, you will start the next round. However, if you will win the round after three attempts, the Akinator will allow you to add your word to the system of possible riddles.

This game is unique because it trains your mind. You need to think about someone who is not in trend right now or someone who won`t be so evident.

We`ve tested this game and asked three different variants: clown Penniwyse form novel “IT”, Emi Adams and Ben Affleck. Akinator guessed all of them. However, he failed when we asked Mahershala Ali – actor who became popular with his role in True Detective.

If you want to try your skills and compete against this genius, you can download Akinator Apk cracked on your PC or, if you want, download it on your smartphone (for IOS or for Android).

If you don`t know what to do right now or you are getting bored, you can open Akinator and start playing. Good luck!