Get access to Akinator black award characters list!

Today, Akinator is in the list of the most discussed topics in the Internet. People love this game, because with it they can spend their time while going to work or waiting in line. They can try their best to win against Akinator – genius who can guess any character you ask. You don`t believe me? Try it on your own!

Download Akinator black award and start playing!

If you want to play Akinator black from your PC, you need to enter the official website. There, you will see the game icon and link for download. However, if you are interested in having this game on your smartphone, you will need to visit Google Play (if you have Android) or App Store (if you have IOS) and download it there. Don`t worry – it won`t take a lot of your phone memory.

Enjoy the unusual gameplay of the Akinator black award list

The rules of the game are simple. Before you will click on a start button, you need to ask a word. Then, the Akinator black will ask you questions about the character you choose. When then number of questions comes to 30, the genius will try to guess your character, and if it`s attempt will be wrong, the game continues.

After three unsuccessful attempts Akinator will offer you to add your character to the game database.

For each round, you will be getting points. When you will get a current number of points you will unlock Akinator black award characters list. We won`t tell you anything about it – just play the game and unlock it.