Download akinator pc version and start playing right now!

Today, every second person in the world loves playing computer games. With them, we can relax after work, enjoy interesting stories, test new sort of gameplay or just have fun. However, not everyone has an opportunity to play modern games just because of the low system requirements. They can`t upgrade their computer or buy a new one, but they want to derive pleasure from the gameplay. An

d we know one game that could give them this pleasure – it`s the Akinator for PC!

What is an Akinator pc game?

We know that there are people who didn`t hear about this game, so we will give a short explanation here. Akinator is a game where you are playing against the genie. He knows everything and could guess every character you ask. However, you still have an opportunity to beat him. You need to ask someone, and the Akinator for PC will ask you some questions about the person you guess (where he comes from, how old he is etc.). Then, after 30 questions genie will try to guess the name of the character and, if he fails, he will go for another questions. After three unsuccessful attempts Akinator for PC will offer you to add your character to the game database.

Open akinator pc online and start playing

If you want to start playing Akinator on your PC, you need to visit the official game website and start playing from there. However, if you want to play this game from your smartphone, you need to download it from Play Market or from IOS. Don`t worry – the game is completely free.