Download Akinator for ios free and start playing right now!

We know that in modern society people enjoy playing mini games on their smartphones. With these games, they can some time while waiting for someone or coming back from work in the bus or whey they are simply bored and don`t know what to do. However, today developers have created millions of games in different genres, and it could be difficult for people to find the game that will interest them from the first moments of gameplay.

If you are looking for a game that will help you to relax, we can recommend you Akinator for IOS – unusual game that will definitely draw your opinion.

What is the Akinator cheats ios?

We won`t waste your time, so we will give you a short explanation. In simple words, this game is a quest where you need to ask a character for the Akinator. It could be your favourite super hero, actor or movie character. When the game starts, Akinator will ask you some rhetorical questions about your character, and you will need to answer them. Then, after 30 questions, the artificial intelligence will try to guess a character, and if it wins, you start the next round. However, if the final answer will be wrong after three attempts, you win. The Akinator will offer you to add your character to the game database, so next time it will have this possible variant.

Where can you download Akinator iphone?

The easiest way to play Akinator on iPhone or any other device with IOS is to download this game from App Store. Don`t worry – the game is completely free, so you can start playing immediately.

If you are really interested in playing this game, don`t waste your time – download and compete against the genius Akinator!