You want to get genie Akinator unblocked? Download it here!


Right now, the whole Internet community is talking about one game – Akinator unblocked. Someone sees this title for the first time, and someone has already played this game and knows that it`s a good variant for people to waste their time while waiting for someone, going somewhere or just to train your mind. Continue reading this article, and we will tell you more about Akinator and where to find this game unblocked and free.

Test yourself against the robot

The main idea of this game is that you have to play against the robot. Your main task is to ask a word. You can ask anything you want: your favourite computer game, book character, movie hero, favourite meal or even your pet. After that, you press on the button and the game starts.

The Akinator will ask you some rhetorical questions about what your word could possibly mean. Then, after these questions, it will ask you is your word this thing or not. After three unsuccessful attempts, it will offer you to add your word to the game database.

When can you play akinator unblocked free?

The gaming process is very smart, so you are able to play Akinator unblocked anywhere you want. The only thing you should have with you is your smartphone. However, if you want to play Akinator on your computer, just download it and start playing at home.

Where can you download unblocked Akinator?

If you really want to test your luck and play Akinator unblocked, you can download it on Google Play (if you have Android) or on App Store (if you have IOS). Of course, if you want to play from PC, you can download the game from the official website. Don`t worry – it`s free.


Now you know everything about the akinator unblocked and we hope that you will enjoy playing this game from any device.